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Specializing in your higher performance clutching need

The Dynamo Joe clutch kits are the hottest upgrade to make your snowmobile perform better than stock.
The helix and flyweight pins are precisely machined and resurfaced to make long life of the parts and outlast the original wear components in the system.

The Clutch kit advantage

Once calibrated, the performance clutch kit provides the system with longer belt life.
Reduced or eliminated rpm fade under heavy load.
*improved mileage from lower rpms under sustained speeds*
Enhanced sled acceleration.
Quicker rpms acceleration than stock.
You will no longer have to worry about your buddy who always got ahead of you that bit to rub it in.

Why choose my kits?

The clutch kit uses the best quality products made for me by http://www.daltonindustries.com
These parts have the highest wear resistance, resistance to deformation, good mechanical fitness at an affordable price. Sometimes I am asked about my prices and I explain the kit you can get from others, but all the time I spend to test and tune developing helix's, experimenting with springs, different drive belts, data recording devices, beta kits going to test friends, fuel and maintenance costs, computer and phone time - do you have the time/effort/energy for this?

My kits are worth the money to have a product that is drop in and drive, dialing it in within a tank of fuel or if not right on the get go, the first run. Each kit is run through the ringer and is only commissioned after there is a substantial change to measure for the better.

My friends and I have done the hard work so you can enjoy the fruits of our labour  This kit will help you get an emotional connection between you and the sled.

The potential customer

NOTE:  I recommend that you should be able to at least change the pinweight yourself. I also recommend that you have your clutch bushings checked.  Being that you should at least be able to do some of the work yourself or at least be able to rely on someone who can do the work "with" you - if your garage is your "pen and a chequebook" I suggest you stay stock or go somewhere else.
I have a duty to deliver product that is known to work but customer has a reciprocal duty to make sure sled is fit for a kit, any aftermarket kit to work as advertised. The sleds we used were in good fit shape...so should yours be.
These customers use the Support database on my websites that I've had going for 8 years.
Belt blowing is from failed engine mounts, excessive worn clutch bushings or continuous low rpms (below rated) or high rpms (higher than rated) misalignment, excessive time at full throttle Yes you are telling me “blow belts” but what about the details you’ve checked that contribute to blow belts.
Stock calibration shouldn't blow belts;  a clutch kit shouldn’t blow belts, but the elements I mention above will fail belts, have you done your due dilligence to chase out a problem in the system?

My Service Policy (Technical Support)

My goal has always been to offer a great product at a great price. I am dedicated to bringing you the latest PREMIUM quality kits that work as advertised.

I am available for tech support by two means...
1] Correspond quickly by email.  info [AT] iBackshift.com

2] Available by phone - To make our phone correspondence efficient, please have your questions/comments written down so I can correctly answer you.
IF the line is busy, THEN leave your name, phone # and a convenient time during day hours to get back to you.


If you have chosen me to help out offering advice and review clutch principles being applied to your racing calibration, my service is confidential. I do not share other individuals calibrations. I only review your details and run through theory to help give a best direction for next calibration changes.

I will do what ever it takes to make your purchasing experience here a satisfying one. I realize that you have many choices and sellers to choose from and I really appreciate your business!

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Hope you find my site a good source of accurate information.
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