HPV & LPV - 27

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Secondary Clutch Bushing Measurements

When you have the Roller secondary apart, apply your favourite "Brake Kleen Solvent" to get the rollers moving freely. 

Axle wear - Remove the rollers from the axles, checking for abnormal wear on the axles “shiny spots that don’t look symmetrical compared to each other”

Roller damage -  Have a look at the roller surface for cracks and see if the rollers have been rubbing against the clutch wall casing. 

HPV-27 (High Performance Vehicle - 27)

History: LPV 27 and HPV 27 - 1998~2002 vs. 2003~Present day

LPV = Low performance vehicle.  HPV = High performance vehicle

The LPV 27 and HPV 27 secondary clutches are referred to as the Rotax Electronic Reverse, nicknamed (RER).  This nickname is a result of the clutch design which utilizes both a forward and reverse helix angle being introduced on sleds equipped with the RER system.  These secondary clutches both LPV @ HPV are used on sleds that don't have the RER system and also landed on certain particular models back as far as 1998.

The 1998~2002 had a drive belt width of 1-3/8 inches.  The 2003~Present day models are 1-1/2 inches.

To get a 2003~newer LPV / HPV to work on an older model (1998~2002)to replace the original formula secondary clutch, all one has to do is open the #27 secondary up and remove 1 of 2 shims that are inside of it.  With the one shim left installed, the 2003~newer secondary will now be set for the 2002~older model sled using 1-3/8 belt width.

NOTE:The 2002~older model must have the spline secondary jackshaft, cannot have keyway jackshaft



Bushing measurement

These measurements are for the button and roller secondary.  You can also check with a caliper in 3 places.



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