pdrive pivot arm weight

Product Specifications

pDrive Popeye arm...Pulls strong to the finish...haha - By 

Heavies up your stock ramp assembly by estimated 7.0 grams.  Replaces the pDrive aluminum left arm.

This is for "tuners" who want to tune, making the ramp weight heavier.

Suggest to try the super lightweight Titanium bolts listed in the 850 clutch parts section.

Stock aluminum arm @ 6.2 gram

Popeyes stainless steel arm @ 13.4 gram-ish.  +/- 0.2g

  • Lowers engagment speed 100~200 rpms. 
  • Smoothing out clutch surging off the bottom end. 
  • Makes the clutching more smooth, pulling from deeper in the engine torque. 
  • More tight, throttle-to-track at your thumb.
  • Smooth engine speed accleration. 

Replace aluminum left arm

Theory:  If you draw a plumb line straight down through the arm's two holes, this line splits the arms into two.  With the Popeye arm, you see most of the material is on the left side of the imaginary plumb line.  As the clutch rotates (engine speed) the ramp wants to swing out, pushing on the spider roller, the ramp pushing the clutch sheave against the drive belt. 

The steel arm material on the left side starts to "pull out-&-up" on the ramp assembly (left arm / ramp / right clicker arm) at a lower engine speed.  Popeyes arm pulls with more muscle (engine torque) on the ramp than the aluminum arm. 

The ramp assembly rotates (from 6 oclock to 9 oclock) as the track speed increases the shift increases - the ramp pushes harder towards top speed. The Popeye arm will allow the track speed to increase to maximum and push in a manner, the engine speed will not drift low.  The engine speed should stay 7900~7950 right to maximum track speed. 

Now, opposite of that let off the throttle and the shape of the arm allows quick return of the ramp assembly - really quick backshift.

  • Quick backshift
  • Strong pull to the finish...

$39 CDN

Shipping "tracked package" is $14~$18 depending on postal code.  $30 to $40 for overseas with track number.

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Contents of kit

3 x Stainless steel left (Popeye) arms.


850 pDrive tool link

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