pDrive Adjustable Pivot Weight Kit 850 etec,  pDrive Adjustable Pivot bolt Kit 850 etec, popeye arm

Product Specifications

pDrive - Popeye Pivot Pin kit, by

Its Popeyes arm plus the Titanium pivot bolt kit all in one pivot kit.

Example - Summit 850 @ 8000 feet has 33mm(15.2g pin) (total 21.4g)

Remove BRP aluminum left arm.  Apply Popeye's arm, TI25mm bolt, 1x3mm spacer (total 21.9g)

Popeyes arm will pull harder with the high elevation ramps 967(2017) & 965(2018~19).  Adjust engine speed with finer increments than just using the clicker. 

Wherever you ride, look at your range of elevation with a 2000 foot window. 

1000 foot elevation range, changes 5 to 6 hp.

Example - If you ride 6500 to 9500 then setup the pivot weight for 7950 rpms in the middle at 8000 feet.  This will give you 7000 to 9000 feet and not have to adjust the clicker.  When you drive outside of the elevation range, the horsepower will change enough to adjust the clicker to correct engine speed.

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Shipping "Tracked package" is $14 to $18 depending on postal code.  $30 to $40 for overseas.

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Customer asked Question

Joe, I want to run a very simple and cost effective setup on my 2019 850 154 x 3.0 with 965 HE ramps at low elevation. Any chance I can just run your popeye/pivot pin kit for low elevation tree-riding with the rest of the factory high elevation springs/ helix from Ski Doo? 


Our riding is slower paced in tight trees in usually setup snow at 1k to 2k feet in elevation. If you think this will work, do you have a recommendation on where I should start with the pivot bolt/spacer weights? This way I can just swap in the factory weights when I go out west and be good...all for a lower cost clutching solution. 




HI Kevin.

BA = BRP Arm(6.2 grams) and
PA = Popeye Arm (13.1 grams)
S2mm = 1.1g spacer
S3mm = 1.8g spacer
S4mm = 2.3g spacer
S7mm = 4.2g spacer

Stock BRP setting 6.2 grams (BA) + 15.2 gram pivot bolt = 21.4 grams for 4000 feet in clicker #3.

Rule of Thumb - For every 1000 feet elevation increase/decrease the grams should be about 1 gram change to maintain correct engine speed.

(BA) 6.2 grams + 15.2 gram pivot bolt = 21.4 grams for 4000 feet in clicker #3.

(PA) 13.1 grams + 8.3 TI bolt = 21.4 grams for 4000 feet in clicker #3.


Popeye Pivot Pin Kit Legend (965 ramp)

Set up the Popeye arm and the appropriate Titanium bolt to be the same weight as the factory BRP setting.

(PA) 13.1 g + 8.3g TI bolt = 21.4 grams for 4000 feet in clicker #3.  (SAME as stock BRP factory setting "ramp weight")

To go to a lower elevation where there is more horsepower more pivot bolt weight is needed - so then follow the elevation decrease and increase the pivot bolt weights accordingly.

(PA) 13.1 g + 9.3g TI bolt = 22.4 grams for 3000 feet
(PA) 13.1 g + 9.3g TI bolt + s2mm = 23.6 grams for 2000 feet
(PA) 13.1 g + 9.3g TI bolt + s4mm = 24.7 grams for 1000 feet
(PA) 13.1 g + 9.9g TI bolt + s4mm = 25.4 grams for 0000 feet

If need heavier then...
(PA) 13.1 g + 9.9g TI bolt + s3mm + s4mm = 26.0 grams
(PA) 13.1 g + 9.9g TI bolt + s4mm + s2mm = 25.5 grams

When going higher than 4000 feet, then go back to the original BRP aluminum left arm.