Product Specifications

Sorry, I do not have any drag race and/or hill climb clutch "kits" at all.

I dont...

  • have any "setups" available to the public.
  • carry any "racing" clutch parts, no gearing....nothing, sorry!
  • tune sleds for racing and does not matter what sled, no summits, no freerides, trail, RS..etc....

I dont have the time to support racing because its 10X the support for correspondence of non-racing owners, with no return.  Racing on Saturday, Ditch banging on Sunday and expect support tech for racing effort?...tired of that shit, and you dont want to put the miniscule effort just to know the gearing for how fast you need to go?.(which is the Foundation of a winning setup).....ok, you got the fukkits, I got the fukkits. 

Yes you might see winning race sleds with my stickers on them, but Im doing tuning for "my own knowledge gain" to keep my knives sharp so-to-speak.  Those racers wont tell you anything what im doing with them, may as well not ask because you will get a prepared speech from them.  "Joe who?...oh that guy".

I have a closed group of guys, that's it, not expanding.

Other than that, I stay away from race sleds like they're the plague.  heh...

I dont know who you can turn to for a "setup".


Happy trails