pdrive adjustable weight, pdrive adjustable ramp, pdrive adjustable arms

Product Specifications

48g-55.7g (48g base weight plus hardware)
The 902 Pro Tuner kit is the best adjustable weight kit for the 850 with pDrive primary clutch.

ADAPT to any condition

The flyweight top profile is similar to the stock BRP #968 ramp curve with subtle changes.

Many combinations of added fasteners allowing fine adjustment of total grams, as well as the different placement locations.
Many combinations of less than one gram increments can be done in different configurations of weight placement on the flyweight.

Two threaded holes allowing the position of mass to be placed in the heel or toe position.

Use of the threaded holes can make the ramp act...
...aggressive, pulling harder on the bottom end, loading the engine harder
...less aggressive high speed, causing engine speed to stablize or increase with high track speeds
...less aggressive bottom end, pulling less hard, allowing the engine to be more "revvy"
...more aggressive top end, causing engine speed to stabilize or decrease with high track speeds
...with a straight shift engine speed from bottom to top end

Everything needed for the included gram increments listed is in the package. The weight adjustment is done from the side of the flyweight.

Setup applications are available for all the pDrive iBackshift clutch kits.  

Four of us spent last season (2018~19) testing these ramps from the mountains of Washington and Revelstoke to our deep snow in Northern Ontario to the fast trails of East/Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Dale at Dalton had his selected test guys run the 902's last season too.

Dalton says this kit is very clearly a "TUNER" kit for experienced clutch tuning professionals but hold on, so-called professional tuners started out as novice tuners too. 

No matter Novice, Intermediate, or Professional this kit is for the "CURIOUS TUNER" wanting to learn more about clutch tuning.

If you love to "nit pick" clutch tuning and adapt a setup to any situation , these ramps are MINT!