Product Specifications

I have a policy for discounts as such...

2(two) to 4(four) complete clutch kit (no parting of kit) @ 10 % off
...shipped in one box.  (no drop shipping)

5(five) kits to 20(twenty) complete clutch kits (no parting of kit) @ 20 % off (Dealer pricing)
...shipped on one box  (no drop shipping)

Example: Last season 2018, a facebook group bought 16 kits at one shot, I boxed them all up and sent them the the "broker" who gathered all these friends sending in one box.  I dont drop ship.  Shipping to your friends is done on your end.

Distributor pricing available.  Distributor is where you're buying like 35 to 120 kits / season, or 25 kits at a time, in one box...get it.

Here is Tocitu from Romania.  In 2018 he bought 21 kits in one box and we shipped them to Romania.  You can tell he's from Europe, look at the wall electrical sockets.  The point is, no matter what country you are from, I dont drop ship multiple kits on one order.  The kits go in one box and you "the broker" distribute them to your dependants.