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Are you having a Black Friday deal I have 2012 xrs 600 I wanted clutch kit but if you are not having one I will order it from someone else but I hear good things from your clutch kit



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Hi Collin,  Oh look, youre threatening me.  Ok, Good.


School's in..

The Black Friday process is for large retailers who compete in a price driven market where they fill.....large a large number of individuals (end users) which I call (Queue zombies)

I dont have "large orders", im not a big-box-store that sells 1000 samsung tv's in one day like 1000 clutch kits on "black friday".  Black Friday is a bullshit fiction that people try to lever against me and all us little small-fry clutch kit guys to lower our prices to people who dont give a shit about what they are getting, they only give a shit about "cheap"


Im just a little guy, a "piss hole in the snowbank"...that's all I am. 


1] im not a big retail outlet

2] im a specialized shop with a niche market, to where the product itself has carved out the niche.

3] My market is targeting individuals who place a good value what they own and have high value in themselves.

3] Im not going to cave into the pressure of selling for less than the value of my product.

4] youre proving to me I need to raise my prices.

5] discount page

6] If youve heard good things about my clutch kits, its because the people bought (Me and my knowledge), they just happened to get a clutch kit

7] since you believe all clutch kits are the same [because youre buying on price, not knowledge of clutch kits] then find a retailer.  Here is one  im sure theyll be cheaper than me.



8]  You want cheap?  You got it.  I'll help you save your money so, im not selling you my clutch kit - dont put an order in, Ill delete it.

...thee end


9] school's out..