dynamo joe clutch kit, dynamo joe XP clutch kit

Product Specifications


Clutch kit for 800R carburetor Shorty 120 to Renegade 137

Track lugs 1.0 to 1.6.  Loves studs, the more the merrier.

Kit performance
A big engine feel will come through your handlebars the first time you start to roll on the throttle.  A tight connection from throttle to thumb.  Arm pull draws deep from in the engine through the midrange going through twisty trees, roly-poly hills to long time full throttle pulls.  Lower engine speed at part throttle running than stock clutching &ndash 8400~8300~8400 right away when you quickly press the throttle. 

    The kit draws a lot of 800R grunt from underneath the hood.

Smash the throttle to squirt a roost out the back and you are, bang, out front.

Enjoy the 'look back' pull away right to top end.   40~80mph side by side, press throttle, 8200~8300, again, pull away.

Part throttle cruising - The kit provides about 200 rpms lower at cruising speeds than stock clutching.  Stock clutching 6400 at 60mph, kit at 6200 rpms.

Fresh snow
In technical riding breaking fresh snow, you will gain momentum like a longer track and keep it by ability to quickly increase track speed and hold it harder than stock clutching.
With stock clutching, driving on and off the throttle then get stuck, now the kit will provide the ability to regain more track speed to get through it.  
Because of tighter throttle control, you have a longer time at a lower engine speed to make a decision which gives the confidence to go into places you might have before said (nope, not going there) 
It is easy to set the flyweight grams in clicker 4 and then the fun part - go test for 8300.  It pulls stronnnnnnng!   
You will get this.....BANG, 5mph more track speed than stock at full throttle in the deep snow with the stock track and gearing.

Remember that most tachometer have error.  Digital says 8150, Needle says 8300.  Most needle tachometer are 100~150 rpm high than actual.

Kit parts
 primary spring
25 gram pin kit
 secondary spring
QR helix
Set 24 grams in clicker 4...hammer down for 8300

Turn key, pain free.  I took care of everything so you can just install and drive and not fuss with anything except think about finding more friends to pull away from.

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Happy trails