dalton primary clutch spring, skidoo primary clutch spring

Product Specifications

Dalton Secondary Spring for BRP

Yellow / Orange

Forces (225/330) lbs

I asked Dale to make this secondary spring for me specifically for the deeper lug summit models like the 3" paddle used in the 150" chassis and bigger to 174''s

We've been testing this in Revelstoke BC to Silverthorne CO to Alaska and right here at home since 2014 and last season Dale @ Dalton put them into full production.

For owners that want a low engagment speed without bogging or lugging off the bottom end, now can achieve low engagements from 2900~3200 with a 100 to 135 start force primary spring.  The engine speeds up sufficiently to 7900~8000 with strong arm pull.

I push this secondary spring in summits that rarely see any hardpack other than to get from this deep snow over to that deep snow.  Also is used in models that are pulling a skiff or toboggan to help the engine have some grunt off the bottom end.

This is also used with the 872 Trygstad big bore summits. 

135/385 Dalton Tan/White primary spring, paired to this 225/330 Yellow/Orange secondary spring in an 800e to 872E is a winning combination.