dynamo joe helix, dynamo joe summit clutch kit

Product Specifications

The good ol' SMT helix (formerly labeled S8X).  It's humble beginning back in 2004, developed in Revelstoke BC and Spokane Wa.

This helix primarily used for our clutch kits for all elevations in summit sleds.

Used for any long track model from 136 x 1.75 to a 163 x 2.5 stuffed in a REV chassis.

We have settings with gearing suggestions to use with engines ranging from the 600 to 800HO and big bore.

You might have most or all of the parts in your own inventory to get this helix to work for you - check the Clutch Kits REV section.

  • Note: Never put a button helix in a roller secondary or it will destroy the rollers and helix.

$180 CDN + shipping (tax if applicable)

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