dynamo joe helix, dynamo joe summit clutch kit

Product Specifications

This helix used in our clutch kits for Summit to Boondocker to Fast Trail REV chassis sleds with Roller Secondary.  The letter "R" in S8R4 designates Roller helix.

Used with 600 x 121 x 1" to 800 fast trail or boondocker to 800HO & R big bore with a 163 x 2.5" stuffed into a REV summit chassis.

How we make the S8R4 work across a wide variety of sleds is the particular clutch spring selection, clicker position and gear ratio - applied specifically with settings for the vehicle this can be used in.

You might have most or all of the parts in your own inventory to get this helix to work for you - check the Clutch Kits REV section.

  • Note - Never put a roller helix into a button secondary clutch or it will destroy the inside of the secondary.

$180 CDN + shipping (tax if applicable)

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