dynamo joe clutch kit, dynamo joe rev clutch kit

Product Specifications

This clutch kit is for any 600, 800 trail sled with a ROLLER secondary clutch.
Sled and track ranges from 121 x 1.0 to 136 x 2.0

Kit performance
A big engine feel will come through your handlebars the first time you start to roll on the throttle.  A tight connection from throttle to thumb.  Arm pull draws deep from in the engine through the midrange going through twisty trees, roly-poly hills to long time full throttle pulls.  Lower engine speed at part throttle running than stock clutching.  8000~8100~8000 right away when you quickly press the throttle.  

  • You never thought your engine had this much grunt underneath the hood.

Fresh snow
In technical riding breaking fresh snow, you will gain momentum like a longer track and keep it by ability to quickly increase track speed and hold it harder than stock clutching.

With stock clutching and driving on and off the throttle then get stuck, now the kit will regain more track speed to get through it - Confidence to go into places you might have said (nah).

Ditch banging
When you are going through a roli-poli whoop section and before you had to brake to go over a certain hump, now there will be more instant acceleration from the strong backshift to get over that = more confidence to drive faster and still maintain good control.  If you have studs, that is great as this kit loves studs.

It is easy to set the flyweight grams in the recommended clicker position, and then the fun part - go test for 8000.  It pulls stronnnnnnng!   

  • I promise this.....BANG, 3~4mph more track speed than stock at full throttle (and hold it) in the deep snow with the stock track.

Kit parts
230/350 primary spring
14g~25g pin kit
218/305 secondary spring
S8R4 ROLLER helix

24 gram in (800 @ 3) (600 @ 4) and hammer down, testing the flyweight for 8100 engine speed.

Do not gear higher than stock.  The kit can take 2~3 lower gears on top and still pull off the same peak mph that you had with stock clutching.

Future track choice
If you decide to remove your 1~1.25 inch track and go deeper lug - this kit will work with any track up to 2.0 inches with only gearing changes to make it work.

$338 Canadian
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