tundra xtreme clutch kit

Product Specifications

Clutch kit for Tundra XTreme - 2011~2016, 600 ETEC

Kit performance
the first time you roll on the throttle, a big engine feel will come through your handlebars.  Your thumb tells you, a tighter connection between the throttle and ground.  A pull from deep in the engine starts to tug on your arms as you hang on through twisty trees, following up and down roly-poly hills to long time full throttle pulls. 

Lower engine speed at part throttle and press, then bam... 8100~8200~8100, track speed with smooth acceleration.

  • The kit draws a lot of 600 Etec grunt from underneath the hood.

Fresh snow
Momentum gained like a longer track in technical riding, breaking fresh snow and keep it with ability to quickly increase track speed and hold it harder than stock clutching.

Precision throttle control, with longer time at a lower engine speed to make a decision which gives the confidence to go into places you might have before said (not today).  The kit renews with more track speed to get through compared to getting stuck with stock clutching.



It is easy to set the flyweight grams in clicker 4 and then the fun part - go test for 8100.  It pulls stronnnnnnng!

  • I promise this.....BANG - 3mph more track speed than stock at full throttle in the deep snow with the stock gearing.

Kit parts for stock 412 or 417 ramp

130/350 primary spring (2011, 12 [412 ramp])


130/320 primary spring (2013, 16 [417 ramp])

14.5~25 gram pin kit

218/305 secondary spring

QR11 helix


Elevation examples

24 grams, clicker 4, 0~3000 feet.

15.9 grams in clicker 4 for 4500~6500 feet.


$349 CDN + shipping (tax if applicable)

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Happy highmarking