dynamo joe turbo clutch kit, dynamo joe 800etec clutch kit, dynamo joe 800R turbo clutch kit

Product Specifications


Clutch kit for 800etec or 800R Summit 146 to 174

Fuel blends and octane commentary at bottom of page

A video at bottom of the page

Mountains - This clutch kit can be taken to the highest of elevations 13k+feet with only changing the pinweight for the major elevation range differences.

Kit performance
The first time you roll on the throttle, a big engine feel will come through your handlebars.  Your thumb tells you, a tighter connection between the throttle and ground.  A pull from deep in the engine starts to tug on your arms as you hang on through twisty trees, following up and down roly-poly hills to long time full throttle pulls. 

Lower engine speed at part throttle and press, then bam... max engine speed, right now and increased track speed with smooth acceleration.

  • The kit draws a lot of Turbo power from underneath the hood.

Fresh snow
Momentum gained quickly in technical riding, breaking fresh snow.  Ability to run in the trees and have crisp throttle response ready for when you want to pin the throttle.  Keep the momentum with ability to quickly increase track speed and hold it harder than stock spongy clutching mounted with the turbo.

Precision throttle control, with longer time at a lower engine speed to make a decision which gives the confidence to go into places you might have before said (nah!)  The kit renews with more track speed to get through compared to getting stuck with stock clutching.  High track speed and ability to get to 1:1 on the primary clutch when topping out.

Kit Parts

200/290 dalton purple primary spring

Mountain ramps (DJ Blend) 415/441

23 gram pin kit


225/330 Dalton Yellow/Orange secondary spring

part that customer supplies  (ask me, i might have some though)
1 set of second (2nd) oversize rollers from Thundershift or FETT Bros

Skidoo - 2mm oversize rollers - at Thundershift

Skidoo - 2mm oversize rollers - at FETT Bros 

(with the USA/CAN exchange rate, it drives up the cost too much for me to get them for you and send with a kit- better for you to order them from FETT BROS directly)

in Canada can get from and call Tom himself and he will have them.


Elevation examples

Set 21.5 grams in clicker #3(800etec), #4(800R)


Turn key, pain free.  We took care of everything so you can just install and drive and not fuss with anything except think about finding more deep snow.

$468 Canadian + shipping (tax if applicable)

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Happy highmarking



Below, my buddy FastZap - one of the most competent, knowlegable turbo tuners I been blessed to know.

Read the caption at youtube so you know what turbo brand it is and also "why" the rider is running around on/off the throttle like he's doing.


Fuel blends and octane

Because of the power shape of the engine, how much bottom end it loses to 5300 rpms and how much power it has past 6700 rpms I had to shape the clutch kit parts to the shape of the engine power. The turbo does not have close the same shape of powerband as a natural aspirated engine.

We found even with the impulse turbo which in my opinion has the most strong bottom end in the rpm range I mention, with the start angle of the D2 helix, it is too big. Loads the engine too hard. So I made a different helix with a lower start angle and did some funky work to that helix to help bottom end accelerate hard and overcome the way all turbos engine manage off the bottom end.

Different boost level and different octane require different flyweight grams.
You need to be consistent with the fuel octane, whatever you are running, have that ratio all the time.

Some owners run out of their fuel then have to substitute their AVGAS for some RACE GAS and then engine speed is off.

It is because they set up the clutching to conform to the shape of the power their blend (example 50 % x 91 / 50 % x Avgas) of fuel provided.

Ran out of Avgas and used race gas 98 to 116 octane. Wait - now the fuel octane shape has changed, then do not expect the engine to run correct engine speed with the applied flyweight.

Be consistent with your fuel blend all the time and adjust the flyweight to get 7900 for your fuel blend.