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Phone:  807.346.9701

Leave message and if you are on a cell phone, please leave your number twice.  So many times that there is a dead spot and I did not get a complete phone number.
If the phone message is full, try again, I get many calls/day and the machine fills up, I try to clear.

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Because of many spam emails, with regret I had to put in this additional security check to make sure a real individual is sending me an email.  Note, if you find one of the words is too hard to read, then click on the top button that has the two curving arrows to cycle through different words.

OPEN - weekdays, Monday to Friday.  I try to stay to 8pm EST because of phone calls from the west coast. 

CLOSED - weekends; we ride every weekend and where I ride there is no "anything" service, im in the sticks.  Either i'm riding or fixing broke stuff at the garage.  Weekend phone calls go to the answer machine, sorry.  On a weekend, best is to email me as I can check emails when im in a service area while riding in our hauler.



Check your HOTMAIL JUNK / SPAM folder for my email reply.