Joe's Fave Forum Pages

Here are my favorite pages to frequent.

I like these forums because of it's category in online discussion where people can hold conversations from short to lengthy in the form of a posted message.  Forums differ from Facebook chat rooms in that forum messages are often longer than one line of a “triggered” string of text as you see on Facebook, Instagram…etc.  And discussion forums sites have lengthy archives where you can go back doing research up to 15 years past. 


I find there is a categorical difference between a discussion forum[Delayed satisfaction] vs. [instant satisfaction](facebook, Instagram,etc).  “Instant” being a term referring to the temptation, and resulting tendency, giving up a future benefit to get a less rewarding but more immediate benefit.  Imagine a row of chirping parakeets on a rod in a cage.


The flip side of instant satisfaction is delayed satisfaction. The decision to put off satisfying your desire using facebook where there is no archived information, gaining an even better reward from reading a discussion forum review for a benefit in the future.

It’s easy to see how delayed satisfaction is the wiser behavior.  People are tempted every day to bunch up with parakeeting on facebook, those who can't help give in to their own immediate desires.   When you read facebook, you end seeing the same small handful of people running up and down the posts, banging the gong “so-and-so-widget”. 


Q] who’s got the best widget?

  • Moe) TOM’S WIDGET hes got the bestist widget just like his big mouth says it is
  • Larry) DICKY’S WIDGET, you can’t go wrong with tricky dickys widget.
  • OR, "I got this widget from Curley and because i have it, now i have all knowledge of who's is the best so because i have it, you can't go wrong, so there...KAY ! "

…, that’s much information there.   How can I go wrong by reading these informative suggestions and reviews?  Sadly, its a high probability some of these contributors Moe/Larry/Curley even have a widget they “shouted out”.  Or if they did, do they even know the difference between any of them? 

No information.    And that pretty much sums it up for instant satisfaction bias.


And that’s it.   Like that lady said “But, where’s the beef?   There’s no substance.  


Instead of alleging “so and so’s widget”, how about facts constituting the best widget being set out.  If the parakeeter would remember that its not for them to alone-draw-conclusions, rather should state the facts they can prove from use which the reader “you” will draw a favorable conclusion.


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