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Ski-doo Clutch Kits &

About iBackshift Ski-Doo & LYNX Clutch Kits

SKI-DOO 850 CLUTCH KITS AND LYNX 850 CLUTCH KITS BY DYNAMO JOE PULL HARD to the finish, MORE track speed, QUICKER Backshift, STRONGEST engine braking, SMOOTHEST engagement speed, COOLER clutches and belt temperature.

Here’s where you’re going….

You made it…

iBackshift owners say

  • I love the smooth engagement to; feather the track to get unstuck.
  • Its the strongest; engine braking I’ve ever felt.
  • “I could stand up and drink a coffee coming down this hill haha”.
  • Tight connection between my thumb and snow.
  • Love how it pulls hard just like your older kits
  • Loved it on my 600 and now this 850, whoa.
  • Each time I order a new sled; this is always my first purchase. I love the Backshift.
  • Finally got snow and have a few rides on my clutch kit! Performs great, great power, love the Backshift. The engine braking is weird to me and definitely something to get used to.
  • My sled is not abruptly annoying on the bottom end anymore
  • My wife loves the clutching now
  • BANG….8 grand, hang on.
  • Wow Joe, clutch kits aren’t Foo-Foo dust, haha
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Throttle control

Feather smooth engagement for slow, wrong foot forward. The handlebars dont surge, tugging on your hands. After that, you made it, blip the throttle, time it right, do a victory wheelie.

Pulls hard

Full throttle, the feeling is like having a gigantic hand on the front bumper, pulling you up even the steepest hill. “woo hoo” and then its holding the sled back with strong engine braking coming down.
In conculusion, when you need the power to overtake your buddy, there is more power on tap to speed up and pass. Side by side breaking fresh snow, full throttle, pull away strong to the finish.

Good mileage

Drive the clutch kit with the same fuel economy as stock clutching, most times even better. With the low revving at part throttle, high torque feature when you need to drive for fuel economy on the way out >> Drive it gently, and be rewarded with lower fuel consumption at part throttle….arrive back at the trailer.


Above all, there is more engine power under your thumb, waiting to be used. And….I promise you’re going to get stuck !