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2, 3 and 4 clutch kits @ 10% off

5 to 15 clutch kits @ 20% off

16+ clutch kits @ distributor price.

Question; Joe I put 2 clutch kits in the shopping cart and it did not show the discount and charges me for 2 shipping. Will the discount be applied when I put my payment details in?

Answer: The website payment tool charges you full price for the products as you see.  On my end, after you place the order, we will apply the appropriate discount and refund that money on your credit card.

Example:  Customer orders a 600R summit kit @ $369 and an 850 Turbo kit @ $408.  The subtotal shows $777 and shipping @ $101 for a total of $878.

Once the order is processed on my end, I will give the discount and refund [in this case] $114.  The emailed invoice (pdf) will show the 10% discount and the shipping for $67.

Question; Do you have any black Friday sales?

Answer; No. 

Question; love the content on your site! Particularly the youtube videos.  I have seen your name around and I’m XX years old.  I decided to browse your website and I’m intrigued with all the testing and technical information you have and you impress me.  I have a social media gig [utube/ig/fb..etc/] and I have a good presence on it, and my gig is different and people watch me and we connect people and people take notice of our page and I’m big into adventure and I take jumps and I can do 8 carves on my sled w/out falling off and I’m in shape and I set goals and push the limits and am athletic and have been in the industry for a long time and want the opportunity to work with you and promote your product and ive been pushing myself more and more and I can push your company too and ive contacted this or that magazine and doing a build on my sled and filming it and I have a few amazing sponsors and we ride up at this hill and down at that hill and this area, and did I tell you we are very active on social media, and you will get exposure and….

Answer: STOP!…I don’t sponsor, Thee End!  Discounts are – 2, 3 and 4 clutch kits @ 10% off, etc.

Question; So Joe, I read your sponsor thing but, I’m gonna ask anyway because im still even more differentified and more distinctificated and more diversificated than other people who ask you to sponsor and….

Answer: *sigh*…   ¯\_()_/¯

Question; Hey I read that sponsor page but did you read the email I sent you 9 days ago…

Answer: *click* [delete email].  (Delete this email? Yes/no)  *click* yes. (email deleted; used space 203GB, free space 42.1GB.  16,169 emails in folder)