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iBackshift ramp [415-441]



Question DJ ramps)  Do you think running your mountain ramps instead of the 441 would benefit me in any way?

Answer) the difference in the mountain ramps is they are more (revvy) in the bottom end.  Engine braking is stronger and holds 3~4 mph lower than stock 441 ramps w/stock gearing.  Need quicker (burst engine speed) from the engine to pull up to a tree and jump it, the steeper angle of these ramps will provide a quicker burst of engine speed.

Question)  I have a T3 track with 438 ramps and they run good.  What benefit will I see compared to your Dynamo Joe ramps?

Answer) These 415/441 ramps still have stronger engine braking to hold the sled back than the 438’s.   Most of the difference you’ll see is in the bottom end.   From engagement speed to about 1/3 of your track speed, up to an average of 45mph(75kmh), these have quicker rpms.  When off and back on throttle, the engine revs up very quick, the handlebars tugging on your arms.