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Ski-Doo and LYNX Pdrive Clutch Tool Holder



Retail $92.49

Ski-Doo 850 Turbo for 2023 has a pDrive primary clutch with “closed windows” on the spider.  You cannot use the older 2 post Ski-Doo pDrive clutch tool on the G5 turbo primary clutch.
This tool is the new 4 post that holds the Ski-Doo pDrive primary clutch from the outside of the legs of the spider.

This Ski-Doo pdrive clutch tool by iBackshift works on the older Ski-Doo pDrive primary clutches.  [the new works on the old, but the old doesn’t work on the new]

Add this iBackshift pDrive clutch tool to your Ski-Doo or LYNX clutch kit for 10% off, $82.49

Ski-Doo pDrive Clutch tool. Ski-Doo pDrive clutch holder for Ski-Doo and LYNX pDrive;…by iBackshift
Ski-Doo pDrive clutch tool holds the primary clutch in the sled to remove the pDrive clutch bolt.
Ski-Doo pDrive clutch tool holds the pDrive clutch slide sheave when mounted on the iBackshift Ski-Doo pDrive clutch fixture.
Ski-Doo pDrive clutch tool holds the primary clutch back on the engine to tighten the pDrive clutch bolt to 89 pounds.