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Ski-Doo pDrive Clutch Spring Red (MOD) [75/350]



This Ski-Doo pDrive Red Clutch Spring is modified with approximately 1/4 turn cut from one end of the spring coil.  This takes the start force from 100 pounds down to around 75 pounds.  The engagement speed will lower another 150~200 rpms with this modification.   Example; the 100 pound start can make 2900 engagement speed with some of our Ski-Doo 850 clutch kits.  With estimated 75 pounds, the engagement speed will be 2650~2700 rpms.

Made of the highest quality materials and are recommended with many Ski-Doo clutch kit performance modifications.

  • Ski-Doo pDrive Clutch Spring Red 75/350