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Ski-Doo pDrive pivot weight spacers



Ski-Doo pDrive Adjustable Pivot Weight Spacers by iBackshift

These stainless Ski-Doo pDrive pivot weight spacers work great for interchanging weights.

Ski-Doo and LYNX pDrive

  • Pivot Weights (stainless); 2mm @ 1.2g (6pcs).  3mm @ 1.8g (3pcs).  4mm @ 2.4g (3pcs).  7mm @ 4.2g (3pcs)


Engine speed adjustment by; changing the spacer weight on the pivot bolt.

Aaen law – Flyweight determines rpms.
IF need more rpms, THEN reduce pivot weight
IF need less rpms, THEN increase pivot weight

  • 100 rpms change (estimated) by 1/2 gram increment.
  • 200 rpms change (estimated) by 1.0 gram increment.