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Ski-Doo pDrive ramps 984 or 903



The Ski-Doo pDrive 984 is a more heavy ramp than the 994
The Ski-Doo pDrive 903 ramp quickens the engine speed up over ALL stock turbo ramps.

The 903 is the most quick rpm ramp off the bottom end than the 984[2020], 994[2021~22] and 761[2023~25]. The 903 minimizes lag and helps you wheelie through the trees.

The 903 ramps are a good match for turbos with bikeman and ibex tunes where when they get 20hp or more, those tunes produce a lag between 3500~6500 rpms.  Usually from being too lean.  Some riders experience a “popping” backfire in the muffler.

Joe] What’s the performance like for pulling, once you get past the lag off the bottom end?  Pull hard? Decent backshift went in a hard pull?
Rod] No complaints once rolling.  Just getting er’ to light up off the bottom end is painful.

Then you get some of these vendors saying its the clutching.  Nope, no, no…That’s a stalling for time tactic.  Its a delay of time to prevent having to be truthful that as the power was increased at 8000, the power decreased between 35~6500 rpm.  None of these dyno owners is going to show a dyno sheet with a pulldown of less than 6200 rpms.  They can’t.  You’ll ask questions of “what happened here with the power between 35~6500?”.

Ski-Doo made the 903 ramp to help overcome turbo lag at the highest of elevations.  This ramp can be used for power increases with turbo lag off the bottom end.  I’ve been using it for years and including I use it in natural aspirated 850 summits, even at low elevations.  When you need the clutching to be less aggressive off the bottom end when dealing with an engine power lag, then can switch out to the 984 or the 903 ramps.

The skidoo 903 or 984 ramp set of 3 is $120 CAD
In the shopping cart comments box, let me know which ramps you want, 903 or 984