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Ski-Doo pDrive Tool Fixture



Retail $63.41

Ski-Doo 850 and 600 pDrive primary clutch tool fixture
This Ski-Doo pdrive tool-fixture can be used with either 2 or 4 post clutch holder.
This Ski-Doo pdrive tool-fixture holds the pdrive sliding sheave, outer sheave.

This Ski-Doo pdrive clutch tool by iBackshift works on all 2 stroke Ski-Doo pDrive primary clutches.

Add this iBackshift pDrive clutch tool to your Ski-Doo or LYNX clutch kit for 10% off, @ $58.12 [i have to manually do the 10% discount after the sale”

Ski-Doo pDrive Clutch tool. Ski-Doo pDrive clutch hold FIXTURE for Ski-Doo and LYNX pDrive;…by iBackshift
Ski-Doo pDrive clutch tool FIXTURE holds the pDrive clutch slide sheave with the iBackshift Ski-Doo pDrive clutch hold tool.