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Ski-Doo Secondary Clutch Spring Red [210/310]



Ski-Doo Secondary Clutch Spring Red for Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Dalton clutch springs are manufactured from highest quality materials and process.

Ski-Doo Secondary Clutch Spring by Daltonindustries

  • Red 210-310


If you”ve been using a 180/300 secondary spring and wanting to perk up the engine speed off the start to lower midrange, this spring is a good change.

Going from a 180/xxx to a 210/xxx allows the engine to speed up a little higher before the clutches start to shift hard.  Once going, the additional start force of this spring will allow the shift-out-point (not to be confused with shift-point) be approximate 200 rpms higher before you feel the sled start to pull hard on your arms.