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Ski-Doo Ski Damper Rubbers



This Ski-Doo Ski Damper Rubber ONLY FITS the 2017 to 2024 Ski-doo Summit DS3 & DS4 ski with the 3 inch keel.
This Ski-Doo Ski Damper Rubber DOES NOT fit any XM/XS DS2 ski, and does not fit any LYNX.

Better steerablity

  • Keep sled on its edge, easier sidehilling
  • Less lateral slip, flatter skis, engage snow better
  • Less resistance for Balance to steer
  • Dampens handlebar feedback, steer to balance
  • Ski tail holds snow better, carve harder
  • Less pitching, float higher, float smoother,
  • Ski rocking dampening, flatter sledding
  • Stops ski hitting your front bumper, less porpoising, more stable front end

Getting unstuck

  • Stuck, hill, skis don’t tip up; flatter skis, pull sled back farther
  • Cornered in trees, 10 point turn (haha), skis don’t tip up; reverse easier
  • Skis don’t tip up in deep snow, back up farther, get a better run.
  • Sled on side; stand on ski edge with confidence, better balance.
  • Sled on side; stand on the ski bridge cleats, pull on your handlebar [stable boot grip]
  • Sled on side; two friends pull the skis, equalized pulling

Strong, resisting high torques and impacts without breaking

Tough, deforms good, preventing cracking and chunking

With the Ski-Doo ski damper rubbers by iSidehill, your sled will have excellent characteristics of maneuverability, stability, steerability, floatation and side-hilling.

Discount; 10% off with a clutch kit
Note – When ordering more than 1 box, the website charges separate shipping prices at the point of sale. I have to do the refund in the background after the sale and put it back on your card. Then email you a proof of refund.

iSidehill Ski-Doo Ski Damper Rubber story...

One day in Jan 2020 my buddy Corey and I were riding in “the benches”.  Corey on his Ski-Doo Summit crawls through the trees to climb a bench.  He makes it up like 2 sled lengths from the bottom, stuck.  His track sawed a deep trench, too much angle, not enough momentum.  I pull up behind, sitting there looking at him.  Ugh!  I grab shovel and slogged in, climbing up to the sled.

We dug around the side panels and behind the skis.  Pull the sled back to better clear for a rollover.  We pulled the sled back, the ski on my side, the back digs in, tipping up.  It's stuck in the snow like an industrial tent pole.    We can’t even budge the sled now.

This new stuck, I’m grumbling to myself.  There’s not enough sled angle to tip the sled up on its tail, twist and flip it.  There is too much of an angle for the sled to climb again, even with a small run, the slot of the track is too deep.  And this ski stuck like this, I can’t budge the sled.  Were going to be shoveling a bunch more.

I'm standing beside the sled and the middle of his left side panel was almost eye level.  I'm lookin at this mess and said to myself, “that’s it, I'm done with this tent polling ski bs”.  If Corey had a good set of ski damper rubbers, we could pull the sled back more, having room to counter steer, rolling it over.

Right there in that spot with the orange circle on the earth picture was where I decided I’m going to make my own Ski-Doo ski damper stoppers.  I started to look at how the ski damper rubbers work in the ski.

I started to read an automotive engineering book about suspensions and talked to people about their experiences with varying ski damper rubbers.  Looking at Ski-Doo ski damper rubbers, I’m wondering how they’re made.  I started to read and watch videos about casting rubber polymers and started to learn about making molds, from simple Halloween masks to casting irregular part shapes.

A major turning point was watching a youtube channel “Deboss garage – how to make polyurethane mounting bushings DIY”.  In that video was a can of Forch Polymer urethane.  Bill from forch polymer told me to get serious and get a real vacuum pump, either a Welch or Kinney, and I did.

I sit back and think of the learning I did, with all the mistakes and finding out how different polymers work, their durometers, toughness, strength, etc.  I could write a little book about how I tackled the problems and solved them.  Right to the point of even making a decision on the humps and heights of the Ski-Doo ski damper rubbers by iBackshift.

I never thought it would take me 3-1/2 years to go through this process, but after many versions, here we are.

There is a big gap of molds and versions between the handful of pics above and the Ski-Doo Ski Damper Rubber below in the red ski.

I've showed enough already, haha.  That red ski is the very ski that I got ticked off at and decided to get into this damper rubber biz.  After many versions later, this is the version for sale.