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‘cause we cain’t do this all day now, THEN YOU CAN GIT AR “DUBBLE…SECRIT…TALEPIPE” TO GO WITH AR “WOW-PIPE”, FER OWNY $259.

156         Im going to keep this wow-pipe comments short.  When you install the latest “flavor of the week” y-pipe.   “No dents, smoother flow, increase power”.

What they ain’t telling you is….

  • “if” they made the wow-pipe longer or not from flange to flange, or,
  • the water-volume in cc’s of the y-pipe is the same as stock, or more cc’s, or,
  • the power increase was seen at a lower rpm than stock, or
  • they had to change ECU programming to get another fractional horsepower out of it?
  • what you have to do to change the clutching to capture the supposed power increase of the wow-pipe, “I repeat”…
    • what you have to do to change the clutching to capture the supposed power increase of the wow-pipe!

157         I have seen many times.  YOU put that wow-pipe on and lost rpms. Ok, you have increased airflow alright.  And moved the power peak to a lower rpm.  My opinion, I would rather keep original 8000 rpms on my engine.

158         BD) well, we tested it and it definitely made a difference, we can see it in the clutching.

Joe) So!  So what!  What did you compare it to?  Do your customer’s engines detonation sensors hear detonation from the wow-pipe?  Do your customers have to run a computer to add fuel?  What other things do they have to, or, may have to get involved with after they mount the wow-pipe on their engine?  Did you also sell them the “DUBBLE…SECRIT…TALEPIPE”?

  1. DB) but it made good power on the dyno and field testing

Joe) Field testing?  Really?  You seen the power on the dyno; that’s “simulation”.  Then in the field, what setting did you change to capture this new found power; that’s “testing and verification.”  What did you do to assess of how well this (proposed) wow-pipe made an increase “in anything” out in the field?  What did you compare it to???; that’s “validation.”

159         I mean, even the dyno sheet says; Stock power at 153.5 at 8000.  Now that wow-pipe did 156.0 at 7900.  The gain was 2.5hp, but at a loss of 100 rpms?  The power peak moved.

160         Ok let’s think about this.  2.5hp at the crankshaft, transmitted through all these “things” absorbing horsepower.  A rotating worn clutch, drive belt composition fitness, secondary clutch, jackshshaft, chain drive, track drive sprocket, rider weight with carrying gear, track loaded with snow, the lay of the land; all these loads against that 2.5hp increase converted into acceleration?   Oh yeah, I’m sure you can tell.  Um hmm.

161         NEXT; these are not my words.  This is from a BRP race tech, said to my own eyeballs, to my face, at BRP race school; combined with a quote from a BRP training institute handbook, stating – the average clutching efficiency put to the track, is in a range of 60 to 63% power output.

162         Ok, apply that statement.

That 2.5hp increase [at a 100rpm loss HAHAHA], I’ll get my calculator.  2.5hp x [averaged] 61.5% hp, therefore, (2.5) x (.615) = 1.5375hp at the track?  Let me get this straight, $299 USD for possible 1.5hp at the track.  (insert sarcasm)

REALLY?  WOO….what a bargain.  AND, at 100 rpm lower than stock?

163         I have a question for you.  Do you direct your customer what to do to alter clutching and-or engine management to extract that new power at 100 rpms lower than stock?  All I can say from my personal experiences; when you add a wow-pipe, there is a high probability it’s going to lower your power peak at least 100 rpms.  IF your stock power peak was at 7900, now it’s 60 to 63% going to be at 7800 or lower; and if there was a HP increase?….So what!!!

164         I was at Dynotech as a guest of Mark Bourgeois (CJ Motorsportsonline) testing an 800 engine to run in Snodeo.  Jim just finished the dyno pull and Mark’s mechanic started to pull the wow-pipe off the engine.

Me Joey, said to Dynotech Jim) how much power that wow-pipe make?

Jim) (cross armed) (points his chin towards the window) Y’see that puddle out there? (He didn’t unfold his arms)

Joe) (I look out the window) yeah, I do. (I look back at Jim)

Jim) if you go piss in it, will it raise the level of it?

Joe) yeah it will.

Jim) ok, how much?

Joe) *giggle*, I can’t tell.

Jim) That’s my point.


165         Reality; ah, let’s see.  $60 for my cut on selling the wow-pipe.  Subtract %14 for corporation tax, that leaves me $51.  Then subtract %6 overhead and depreciation leaving me $47.94 profit.  Sell to 12 suckers over the season and that’s a nice $575 in my pocket.  Hmm, I should look into selling a few more brand of wow-pipes

Rich Daly @ Dynoport on Y-Pipes